What's Cholo Sunglasses?

LOCS Cholo Sunglasses are dark sunglasses with dark lenses. Cholo or Cholos love theses locs gangsta styles. We carry wholesale locs ,80s BLACK CHOLO Gangster Loc Sunglasses with PLASTIC or glass LENS

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Gangster Sunglasses are popular they are also known as Cholo and Maddogger Shades
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Locs Sunglasses Selling Strong

Yes, we still have Locs style sunglasses, but they are selling fast! WE have just added New OG Locs Styles to our SELECTION and The response has been overwhelming !  If you are looking to sell these hot selling style of gangster sunglasses, now is the time to buy them!

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wholesale locs Cholo Sunglasses,Gangster Sunglasses
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